My Services and Specialties


I offer hands-on help with organizational development, foundation building, board recruitment, building competencies, as well as project and change management.

My Specialties

Helping organizations serving at-risk youth, and organizations just starting up or going through significant change. Leadership development and helping start-ups set up their infrastructure makes me happy!


Facilitation of strategic planning retreats, team building events, employee engagement events, and conversations that matter delivered through World Cafe and Circle formats.

My Specialties

Helping teams move forward as an empowered, motivated, and excited group of Do-Gooders is what I'm all about.

My style is down-to-earth, interactive, and very engaging. Fun is always part of the plan!

Project Manager

Got a grant for some new work but don’t have capacity to deliver it all yourself? I contract with non-profits to deliver project management and project coordination for grants and short term projects.

My Specialties

Deciphering complex grants, deadlines, and deliverables into simple, shareable, and workable plans. I have a project management system that really works for non-profits, which I've used in a variety of organizations for over 15 years.


Executive and leadership coaching for non-profit leaders, board members leading Do-Good organizations going through change.
I also work with Do-Gooders just starting their journey towards building their non-profit organization to help them become real Leaders of Good!

My Specialties

I work one-on-one with Do-Gooders who want to develop their leadership skills, and who may need some accountability and support. We talk each week, brainstorming, finding solutions, and helping them become Leaders of Good.

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like to have a chat with me about the Good Work you want to bring into the world, and how I might be able to help, I offer a FREE 45-minute Discovery Session.

Ready to book?

You can find a list of all my services and prices, and book any of them online them by clicking the button.

Do It Yourself Tools!

Strategic Plan templates, budget worksheets, even a guided meditation for Do-Gooders who are having one of those days! Grab them here!

My approach (Why I’m different)

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    Experience without Ego

    I’ve been working with organizations that want to do Good in the world since 2001, and have worked in five different countries, with a wide variety of organizations. I haven’t come to this work through a traditional route (I was going to be a teacher!), so my experience is very much based in the “real world” of non-profit work.

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    I’m a very visual person and love pictures, graphics and presenting information in creative ways that show relationships and complexity in the simplest way possible. I’m also very much a beliver in the power of creative problem solving. Sometimes we just need to think with our whole bodies, instead of just our brains! I also use graphic recording to capture outcomes of sessions with teams.

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    Huge box of mean, tools!

    I believe in the power of having fun, especially when a group needs to do some important thinking or talk about things that really matter. I have a vast chest of toys and tools to choose from to get the best from you and your people. Wether it is an intimate team Circle, or large staff Conversation Cafe, I have a variety of innovative ways to plan, strategize and move groups forward.

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    Magically inspiring

    My style is very engaging, inspiring and empowering. When I work with an individual through coaching, or with a group in a Strategic Planning session, my goal is always to help my clients get excited about the Good Work they are bringing to the world. I take my role as the Wizard of Good very seriously! There’s an element of team building in everything I do.

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    Exclusively work with Do-Gooders

    I know that I have been called to this work and that the Good I bring into the world is coming through me. I am but a vessel! Because of this, and because my entire career has been focused on non-profit work, I ONLY work with Do-Good organizations that I really belive in. If I can’t get excited about the work you’re doing, we probably aren’t a good fit.

Who I work with best

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    Do-Good Leaders who are struggling to build a "grown-up" organization

    If you’re a start up, or an organization that’s been around for 15 years, sometimes there are parts of your organization that have just never developed the way they need to. I work with leaders and staff to implement change in culture, systems and processes that helps an organization mature and deliver more Good to the world.

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    Organizations writing their very first Strategic Plans

    It sometimes surprises me how long some organizations can limp along without a good plan! I work well with Boards and teams that either have never had a formal, effective Strategic Plan or who have had a bad experience with Strategic Plans. (It really shouldn’t be painful!)

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    Leaders who are willing talk about what really matters and face it head on

    I don’t work well in organizations that are not ready to face the truth of their culture or the work they are doing. Do-Good Leaders must be open to new ideas, feedback (from everyone and everywhere!) and be ready to implement changes. Egos have no place in non-profit work.

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    Do-Gooders who feel called to bring their Good Work into the world

    I often work with non-profit founders, either just as they start up or within their first 3-5 years of development. These are often Do-Gooders who don’t have MBA’s, have limited non-profit experience, or have never lead a team. We work together, step-by-step, to build skills, knowledge and confidence so they can be true Leaders of Good!

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    Organizations who embrace technology and innovative ways of working

    I do quite a bit of my work in person, but there are few things that can’t be done virtually these days. I creatively use technology as much as possible to minimize costs and maximize access to my Wizardry skills. Online planning sessions, consultation projects,

What you can expect from me

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    I take my work very seriously, and I make sure that deadlines are met, expectations are clear, and that you get the very best of me every time we work together. I am a certified and accredited professional coach, and hold several leadership development credentials. I invest in my own personal development and stay abreast of developments in the non-profit world.

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    Creative thinking and innovative capturing of outcomes and outputs

    I use some rather unorthodox planning tools to help bring fun and creativity into the process. I’m a graphic recorder and will often suggest finding ways of capturing our work in big colorful, hand-drawn posters. There’s a place for plans with bullet points and narrative, but a picture really is worth a 1,000 words.

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    Bespoke, tailored approaches that WORK

    I do a lot of prep-work to make sure that we get the most out of our work together. Gathering input and feedback from as many people in the organization as possible before planning sessions is part of my process. No two teambuilding or planning sessions are quite the same!

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    Plans that don't gather dust on shelves.

    I make sure that the plans we develop are useful and useable. They have language that doesn’t confuse people, and includes tools that help you manage and govern your Do-Good organization..

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    Excellence in Facilitation skills

    Reading a room, helping to consolidate information and build a consensus and leading groups are all skills I’ve spent the last almost 20 years developing. My facilitation skills and coaching style come naturally in everything I do.

What I will expect from you

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    Make time for the work we will do together

    I know how busy life can be leading a Do-Good organization. It’s easy to get in the habit of fire-fighting every day! But when I work with clients, it’s in partnership. I’ll need you to participate, engage and make time to be part of the process.

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    Take your Good Work seriously!

    I assume you aren’t doing the work you’re doing for the great pay or benefits, right? So, I know you’re doing this hard stuff because it means something to you to contribute to the world in this way. If this is your calling, and your work matters to the world, it needs be given breath, space, and love. Take it (and your ability to bring it to the world) seriously!

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    Permission to have FUN!

    The work we do as Do-Gooders is absolutely important and may of us work in very serious life-impacting or life-changing issues every day. Practicing a bit of self-care through letting the planning process or the work we’re doing together be a bit fun is critical to getting the best outcomes.

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    A holistic approach to change and improvements.

    Sometimes we think we have one problem, but when we get into it a bit, we realize it’s only a symptom. I’ll encourage you to look at your Good Work and your organization holistically, gathering feedback from leaders, staff, service users, strategic partners, and anyone else we can get to talk to us. Being open to feedback and looking at the whole picture of what’s going on in your organization is really important. (And it’s a great leadership skill!)