Strategic Planning for Do-Gooders

Strategic Planning for Do-Gooders

You can do this planning stuff yourself. Strategic and business planning isn’t actually rocket science.  But it does take a bit of practice to get it right and to do it without making the process feel about as fun and energizing as a root canal!

If you’re writing your first strategic plan and you’re feeling stuck or lost, here are some things that might help.


Strategic Plan Template for Do-Gooders


My Strategic Plan Template for Do-Gooders might be all you need to get you started! (You can download a free sample here.)
Strategic Plan Template - Editable VersionStrategic Plan Template - Sample Version










Facilitator’s Guide to Strategic Planning for Do-Gooders (non-profits, charities and NGO’s)

Strategic planning is not a solo activity, especially if you have anyone else working with you such as a Board, staff, or volunteers.  Planning is a dynamic, iterative process that can only really be useful if you’ve engaged all of your people in some way.  This is often accomplished in a planning meeting or a series of planning events with your Board, advisers, staff, partners, and even your service users.  Facilitating such an activity in a way that creates a unifying, inspiring and empowering document with a diverse group of people can be challenging!  But with the Facilitator’s Toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to lead your team through the planning process with ease!

You’ll get:Strategic Planning for Do-Gooders - Facilitator's Toolkit

  • A 25-page Facilitator’s Guide to Strategic Planning for Do-Gooders – With suggestions for agendas, information to help you lead your session, and lots of great facilitation tips, this guide will make your session interesting, empowering and purposeful.
  • The Planning Facilitator’s Workbook – A printable, take-along for your session with step by step instructions for how to lead your team through each exercise so that they do the important thinking that will help make writing your strategic plan a breeze. Also contains useful handouts so you can just copy and go!
  • The deluxe, editable version of the Strategic Plan Template for Do-Gooders – with more guidance, tips, tables, and all the tricky formatting done for you. This document helps you write a clear, professional strategic plan that any organization can be proud to share with funders, partners or for regulation purposes. Makes writing your plan a breeze!

Click here to grab the Facilitator’s Guide to Strategic Planning.


Need more hands-on planning help from the Wizard of Good??


Strategic Plan Review Session

Send me your draft strategic plan and I’ll review it, email comments back to you, and then we’ll have a 45-minute online chat about your plans.  You’ll get my feedback, suggestions, a bit of coaching, and clarity on the next steps you need to take to get your Do-Good business really soaring!  This session is especially helpful if you’re writing your Strategic Plan in hopes of getting a grant or using it for any kind of fundraising activities.  Click here to book and to find out moreInvestment in your Good:  $125


Facilitated Online Planning Session

Writing your very first strategic plan?  Let me help you through the process in a 3-hour, online planning session.  We’ll go through the process step by step, and you’ll come away with the building blocks for your strategic plan.  You’ll have new ideas, excitement about the next steps, and some great action-focused plans based on solid strategic thinking.  (There may also be markers and glitter, if you’re into that kind of thing!)  Click here to book and find out more.  Investment in your Good:  $250


Strategic Planning Done for You

Are you looking to have more hands on help and just need to get your plan written quickly? I can write your strategic plan for you! We’ll spend 3-4 hours online talking about your plans and doing some really good strategic thinking. I’ll take you through the different headings of my strategic plan template for Do-Gooder organizations, covering Vision, Mission, Goals, Values, and other essential planning topics. Then, I’ll write a draft plan for you and send it to you within 5 working days. You’ll have a week or so to review it and then we’ll meet for 1 hour online to discuss your feedback and changes. I’ll redraft the plan and send it back to you with a day or so. The whole thing will take 2-3 weeks. This can be done with a small team or with just one person. Click here to book. Investment in your Good: $825


Facilitated In-Person Planning Session

Working with your team or Board, I’ll lead you through a full day of strategic planning in person.  After the session, I will write your draft strategic plan for you, and redraft it until the Board signs it off.  You’ll have a partner all the way!  This full service option is only for those really serious about developing a purposeful, engaging and empowering strategic plan that will truly guide all your Good Works!  This is a bespoke program that will take up to 6-8 weeks to complete, and requires several days of my time, which includes leading a half- to full-day strategic planning retreat.  Please contact me if you’d like to discuss how you can get my help working directly with your Board to develop your Strategic Plan.  Investment in your Good:  $750 per day, plus travel expenses

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