Strategic Planning is for everyone!

All Do-Good organizations need to have a good strategic plan that captures the essentials about their Vision, their Mission and their Goals. Most non-profits are required to have one, but they also can help you do so much more Good!

But writing a strategic plan can be challenging, especially if you try to model it too much like a for-profit business plan.

Here’s where you can pick up your Strategic Planning Template designed just for Do-Good Organizations like yours!

What is a strategic plan?

A good strategic plan is a document that makes your Vision, Mission and Goals clear to you and anyone who might be working with you or might want to support your work. This helps people know what it is you’re asking them to help you do, and lets them know that you’re managing the work you do (and the money you receive) as well as you can.

Strategic planning is a PROCESS.  The written document (your Strategic Plan) is the final result of the process of doing some deep thinking and decision making so you can get focused on the Good you’re going to do, and how you’re going to do it. Ultimately, it helps you manage the organization well by making sure that everything you do is aligned with where you’re going. It keeps you on track, and is the anchor to all your activities and decisions.

Who this template is for

If you’re new to strategic planning, or just haven’t had much success in getting a clear, usable plan developed, my Strategic Plan Template is for you! I created it because most of the templates you’ll find out there are full of for-profit sections, or language that just doesn’t work for a Do-Good organization.

If you want something simple, straightforward, and specific to the Do-Good Work that you’re doing, this template is just the thing to help you.

If you’re an executive director or leader of a non-profit, charity or NGO, and are struggling to get funding, recruit staff, stay focused, or just get everything done and still be able to sleep occasionally, it’s time to develop or polish up your strategic plan so it is doing it’s job for you.

A good strategic plan should be alive and making your job of leading and managing your organization easier! Read more here about how your strategic plan can help make life easier for you and can help you do more Good!

How this template can help you

Full of practical guidance, tips, and done-for-you formatting, this editable planning template makes writing your strategic plan as easy as can be.  Designed for the beginner, it takes out the “business-speak” and mystery of how to write a strategic plan. It even has a table of contents all set up for you with just two clicks!

This template helps you see the purpose of planning and guides you through how to write it so that the process is more than just an exercise.  This is not a strategic plan that you’ll want to hide away on a shelf when you’re done!  It will help you get focused, help you do your job of managing your non-profit, and help you develop your Board into strategic leaders of Good.

How to get started

The template is available in two versions. You can grab a free, pdf sample version, or purchase the fully editable Word document for just $39. When you purchase the full version, you’ll receive updated versions every year, completely free! Click below for the version you’d like to grab and get started with your awesome planning!

This template is perfect for you if you are:

  • a Do-Gooder writing your first strategic plan to get your organization started
  • an Executive Director or leader who has inherited a strategic plan that isn’t working for you (or have heard horror stories of “the last time we did strategic planning…”)
  • a leader in a Do-Good organization who has been asked to facilitate a planning session for the first time
  • a more experienced planner who wants a simple, straightforward way of introducing strategic planning into an organization.

Praise from other Do-Gooders

This template has been used by hundreds of organizations, has been translated into multiple languages, and most importantly, has helped Do-Gooders all over the world do more Good!

“I just want to thank you for creating the Strategic Plan Template. I discovered it through a Google search and it has really helped our process.“

– Katherine Friedman, Executive Director of a nonprofit in Pennsylvania, USA

“I am doing strategic planning with my own organization and with an organization for which I volunteer. I have done a lot of strategic planning with both groups and have used many of the tools in your plan already. I just really like the way you laid it out and the simple explanations you use. Thank you for putting the document together. It is really helpful!”

– Marian McGowen

“I am a community developer for the City of Airdrie and work with not for profit groups. I have been looking for a template for a good business plan to share with them to assist them in a uniform manner to move forward as strong groups with good vision. Your business plan is the best one that I have found that would fit my groups.“

– Kim Harris, Scotland

“Just used your template for a strategic plan I had just hours to whip out. We got it in to a prestigious foundation and have been invited to present in May. Thank you wizard!“

– Liz Paulus (United Way, USA)


More support available!

When you’ve completed your strategic plan, I’d be happy to take a look at it for you.  Just click here to book in for a Strategic Plan Review.  I’ll read over your plans, send back detailed written advice, tips, and suggestions, and we’ll then spend an hour on a Skype or phone call to talk it all through. You’ll have a great plan that will help you do more Good before you know it!