Changed for Good! (Testimonials)

“Rebecca facilitated our strategic planning retreat. In my 32+ years in nonprofit work I have experienced many strategic planning efforts, all of which were less than stellar. Rebecca skillfully guided our board in not only developing our plan but also gave us an opportunity to renew our focus and strengthen relationships. Our stakeholders have commented on our realistic strategic plan. They say it is one of the best they have ever seen. I highly recommend Rebecca!”

Cheryl Hultman

Executive Board Member at Tennessee Foster and Adoptive Care Association

“Rebecca is an excellent speaker and facilitator. She has been a workshop presenter for Tennessee CASA on topics such as Strategic Planning, Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, and Self-Care. Rebecca is professional and works to understand her clients’ needs.”

Wendy Spence

Program Services Coordinator, TN CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children)

“I’ve just started to build my people development program and I was looking for a solid business plan template. I wasn’t sure what I would find when I searched on Google and was just blown away by the complete package Rebecca provided to the world. I wish I lived closer to her as I’m sure she would be a connection I would appreciate working with professionally. Instead I invite you to search for her business plan, use it, and share with others how great it truly is!! If you are local to Rebecca make an appointment with her and see what she can do for you professionally.”

Kristi Maxwell

Career Architect

“I wanted to work with Rebecca because she just perfectly walks the line between understanding business and understanding the emotions and fears that sometimes get in the way of doing it well. Whenever I’m in a session with her I have such a solid focus on the strengths I have that will help me reach my goals. That’s because Rebecca has an uncanny ability to zone in on my area of genius and point things out to me that I’m having trouble seeing.

If you’re looking for clarity on the next steps to putting your Good into the world combined with the guts to follow through, Rebecca is the Wizard of Good for you!”

Brandy Morris

Leadership Development Manager

“Rebecca was a superb facilitator who not only possessed the polished presentational attributes you would demand in such a role but offered some special qualities of her own. In particular she had the ability to continually monitor and absorb the feelings of a group, even when she was talking, which meant she could continually react and readjust to what the group needed. This was extremely helpful when supporting strategic planning workshops which often have a tendency towards grandstanding, deadlock or scope creep.

Rebecca was always able to unlock that kind of impasse and help the group stay focused, never imposing her own solutions, always with an eye towards empowering the members to envision their own ideas on future direction.

She was also adept at recording outcomes and transferring them into a coherent plan. Ask her about “peas and pods”. That was a simple tool she introduced to SCRA to document key work streams and milestones in a way that everyone could understand. That was the kind of thing she did – enabling complex pieces of work to be completed with the maximum amount of inclusivity and the minimum amount of fuss.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca.”

Joe Rafferty

Organizational Development Manager, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

“Rebecca was always business and customer focused, ensuring that individuals, teams and the organisation kept focused on the strategic goals. Rebecca guided Executive and Non-Executive Directors to formulate and articulate a coherent vision, mission statement and business plan and helped manage its communication, and implementation. I would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca.”

Graeme Etheridge

Interim CEO/COO, Imperial War Museum (UK)