Hey, Do-Gooders! 

Are you ready to do more Good in the world?


I’m Rebecca Macfarlane, Wizard of Good, here to guide you in your quest to become a genu-fied, certifi-cated Do-Gooder.  (What’s a Do-Gooder?? Find out here!)

I’m an experienced consultant and certified professional non-profit business coach, ready to employ all my magical wizardry powers to help you start or grow your Do-Good business (a non-profit, NGO, charity, or social enterprise).

Whether you are just starting to explore your ideas, or looking to grow your Do-Good business or organization, I help people become leaders of Good so they can bring their work into the world in a big way. 

My work focuses on helping Do-Gooders develop strong foundations for their organization through powerful strategic planning, organizational development, leadership and Board development, and executive coaching for non-profit leaders. The people I work with are either starting or growing their Do-Good organizations.  They are leaders of Good, developing their own skills and building a legacy of Good through their businesses.

My philosophy is that doing Good is why we are all here, and we all have a responsibility to find out own personal Good and then go and do it. We need a lot more people following their own personal yellow brick roads and making the world a better place.

Many of us never find our own yellow brick roads because we think following them will be hard and risky, that we need an MBA to start a business or organization, or that we have to walk our paths alone. We fear that we’ll fail like so many others, or that the timing isn’t right. There are far too many people with Good Ideas that could really make the world a better place, who just never get their Good Works into the world. It’s time to change that!  

The world needs you and the Good only you can give right now.  With just a bit of help and guidance, you can do amazing, world changing things through your business!  My mission is to help Do-Gooders like you stop struggling, get brave, get focused, and get moving.  The world has been waiting for you and your Good Work long enough!

If you’d like to learn more about how I help Do-Gooders become powerful leaders of change, check out the Work With Me tab above.  You can also access tools to help you with strategic planning here.